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About the Sweet Liberty Candy Company

Welcome to Sweet Liberty Candy Company, where the magic of candy-making meets the charm of Delaware, OH! Nestled in the heart of this delightful town, our journey began with a touch of serendipity and a dash of sweetness. Picture this: a batch of our pecan brittle, where a memory lapse led to a generous sprinkle of extra salt. A happy accident? You bet! We not only embraced it but fell head over heels for the delectable results.

Here in Delaware, we've made it our mission to infuse a bit of joy into every treat we create. From our quaint kitchen to your hands, our candies are crafted with love and a sprinkle of the unexpected. We might not have planned for that extra salt, but we sure are glad it happened.

At Sweet Liberty, we're more than just candy makers—we're storytellers, weaving tales of sweetness and savoriness that bring people together. We've proudly made Delaware our home, and we invite you to join us on this sugary adventure. Whether you're a local looking for a sweet escape or a candy enthusiast from afar, our doors (virtually, of course!) are always open.

So, here's to the joy found in accidental discoveries, the warmth of Delaware, and the sweet moments we share. Welcome to Sweet Liberty Candy Company, where every treat tells a tale, and every bite is a celebration of sweetness and spontaneity!

Homemade Holiday Peanut Brittle on Wax Paper.png
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